How to Eat Hemp Hearts (Shelled Hemp Seeds)

How to Eat Hemp Hearts

Hemp seeds are nature’s super food and along with packing in some serious nourishment, they also have a mild nutty flavor making them a delicious snack. While you can eat hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) straight out of the bag like you would sunflower seeds, if you’ve been wondering how to eat hemp hearts so that you get the daily recommended amount without burning out on hemp heart overload, there are many creative and yummy ways you can incorporate hemp hearts into other foods you eat every day.

Some ways to eat hemp hearts really bring the nutty flavor out in what you’re cooking. For the times when you may not be up for a nutty flavor to your food but you still want the nutritional value of hemp, there are even some ways to eat hemp hearts that completely mask the taste of the hemp heart.

Here’s our own list of ideas on how to eat hemp hearts to get you started:

  • Sprinkle hemp hearts on top of salads or mix in with your dressing.
  • Top your icecream with hemp hearts.
  • Hemp ButterAdding in hemp hearts to your fruit smoothie or protein shake will give you extra energy throughout the day.
  • Make your own hemp milk using hemp seeds, water and a strainer. (Hemp milk recipe here)
  • Add hemp hearts to your yogurt. The nutty flavor goes especially well with vanilla or almond yogurt.
  • Make your own hummus or mix in hemp hearts with pre-made hummus.
  • Mix hemp hearts in with your oatmeal.
  • Make your own homemade granola and add hemp seeds into the mixture.
  • Add hemp hearts to your pesto.
  • Mix your bread crumbs with hemp hearts for a delicious coating on your fish.
  • Add hemp hearts to chili to give it a unique taste and extra protein.
  • Hemp hearts can easily be added to any dessert or baking recipe when you want to add additional nutty flavor.
  • Dip almost any fruit in almond or peanut butter and then into hemp seed for a nutty coating to your fruit.
  • Make your own hemp seed butter to spread on toast, use as a dip for veggies or as a mayo replacement on sandwiches.
  • Instead of using poppy seeds in your muffins, substitute in hemp hearts.

What’s your favorite way to eat hemp seeds?

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