Does Using Hemp Seeds for Weight Loss Actually Work?

Using hemp seeds for weight loss is probably not something you think of when you think of hemp is it?  If you’ve struggled to lose weight and if all the “fads” just never seemed to work for you, you are not alone. The good news is that

Will Eating Hemp Seeds Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

One of the most common questions asked by those considering adding hemp seeds to their diet is “Will Eating Hemp Seeds Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?”. Of course this can also be asked for any hemp product such as hemp hearts, hemp milk or hemp

How to Eat Hemp Hearts (Shelled Hemp Seeds)

Hemp seeds are nature’s super food and along with packing in some serious nourishment, they also have a mild nutty flavor making them a delicious snack. While you can eat hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) straight out of the bag like you would sunflower seeds, if you’ve

Hempz Coconut and Watermelon Nourishing Herbal Body Wash Review

When it comes to body washes, my priorities tend to be towards how well it moisturizes and how good it smells and the Hempz Coconut and Watermelon Nourishing Herbal Body Wash did not disappoint. It is enriched with pure hemp seed oil as well as other natural ingredients such

How to Make Homemade Hemp Milk

Have you ever wondered about how to make homemade hemp milk? I currently purchase Living Harvest hemp milk for my husband who is lactose intolerant and I’ve developed quite the addiction for the vanilla hemp milk for myself. Add to that the children of the house who

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Review (Coconut)

If you’ve been searching for a hemp based lip balm, look no further. A few months ago I received a little relief for my lips with Epic Blend’s hemp coconut lip balm. This tiny tube of awesomeness is made from organic hemp seed oil and has kept my

History of Hemp

While you may just now be hearing about hemp due to its increased popularity for health benefits, hemp has actually been in use since ancient times and has a rich and interesting history. In fact, hemp was the first known plant to be domestically cultivated and is