Top 9 Hemp Seed Oil Uses and Benefits

Hemp Oil Uses and Benefits

Hemp Seed Oil Uses and Benefits

With all the new legislation and news headlines talking about marijuana, cannabis, hemp and any other number of terms that are typically associated with the controversial drug, it’s no wonder people are still confused on what exactly hemp is in terms of industrial produced hemp. The truth is, industrial hemp products are beneficial to your health and the environment and hemp oil is one of the most versatile of these products to use in your daily life.

Hemp oil is a mild flavored oil that is extracted from the hemp plant. It is typically made from industrial hemp which is cultivated for industrial production and has no psychoactive properties and only trace, almost unmeasurable amounts of THC. That means you won’t get high from it. Instead of containing THC, hemp oil has higher concentrations of Cannabidiol which has been considered to be a treatment for cancer patients or people with Parkinson’s disease, social anxiety disorders and epilepsy.

How to Use Hemp Oil

Hemp oil can be used in place of any other oil for food purposes in most cases (except high heat)  as well as any product you may be using where petroleum is a main ingredient. It’s also used for many health related treatments such as skin conditions and pain. But it doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of uses for it and even more products to keep those uses going. Keeping reading to find out more hemp oil uses.

Where To Buy Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is available at some speciality food stores, but the choices are limited and sometimes not available at all. Your best bet is to make your purchase for oil online for the most variety and the ability to price shop just a bit.  I’ve included a few recommendations in the sections below, but you can see some great general catalogs of hemp oil products on Amazon or at one of my new fav’s, Hippie Butter.

1. Hemp Oil For Cooking

Nutiva Hemp OilCold pressed hemp oil has a mild nutty flavor and is a fantastic oil replacement in any recipe where olive oil, walnut oil or butter is called for such as salad dressings, mayonnaise and marinades. You can also drop a tablespoon into your morning smoothie for an awesome pick-me-up! Due to the high concentrations of essential fatty acids many people prefer hemp oil to other oils to improve their nutrition. However, it is not really suggested to fry with hemp oil due to its very low smoking point. For cooking, look for a general hemp oil such as Nutiva organic hemp oil or Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Oil.

2. Hemp Oil for Hair

Using hemp oil through herbal hair products such as shampoo or conditioner that use hemp oil as a main ingredient can be very beneficial to your hair. The hemp oil is a natural moisturizing that will nourish your hair and will also moisturize your scalp keeping signs of dandruff at bay. I’ve even seen hemp oil based products be used on cradle cap for babies and it works incredibly well.

3. Hemp Oil for Healthy Skin

Hemp Bath ProductsHemp seed oil has worked its way into the cosmetic department in many organic cosmetics including bath soaps, body oils, creams, body lotions and other body care products. Hemp oil is a completely natural moisturizer that contains the perfect balance of fatty acids which are essential for healthy skin. Hemp oil can be rubbed directly on the skin to nourish the skin, increase blood circulation and help to treat certain dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

4. Hemp Oil For Lubricants

While hemp oil is fantastic for ingesting and putting on our body, it is also a fantastic substitute for practically any petroleum based product or lubricant. This could be as simple as oiling up the chains on a bike, oiling scissors, hedgers or even using hemp oil as a personal lubricant.

Hemp Candle5. Hemp Oil for Candles

Many people love to burn candles in their homes to keep it smelling nice or to use in case of emergency. Now you can get completely natural candles made from hemp that burns cleaner than any petroleum based paraffin candle available. There are also candles that may use other ingredients like soy but uses hemp wick as an all natural lighter.

6. Hemp Oil For Cures and Prevention of Diseases

This may seem a bit far fetched to some but many people swear by the healing properties of hemp as a general rule. There are many who believe it can cure cancer and be used to treat practically any disease including Parkinsons.

7. Hemp Oil for Wood Finishing

What many people love about hemp oil as a wood finishing product is that it’s virtually odorless and is completely natural. It’s also a great solution to work with for those who refinish furniture but have sensitivities to certain chemicals. Because it is a food safe oil, it’s also perfect for finishing off wood pieces to be used in the kitchen such as for cutting boards. For smaller indoor projects, check out Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil and for larger projects or for outdoor use, check out the larger Hemp Shield quart sized deck sealers.

Hemp Oil Burners8. Hemp Oil for Fragrance

Hemp oil can be used for many products that are meant to be used for its fragrant purposes. Oil burners and diffusers, ladies perfumes and mens colognes, and even incense can benefit from hemp oil for a natural alternative to appealing scents. You can purchase some already made products such as hemp incense, but if you are wanting to create your own products, you can always just add your favorite fragrance oil to some regular hemp oil and create your own custom scents for use in an oil burner.

9. Hemp Oil for Teeth, Gums and Bad Breath

Yes, you read it right! Hemp oil can actually help with bad breath and sensitivity in teeth and gums. Through an ancient technique called oil pulling, which essentially is swishing hemp oil around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes and then spitting it out, you can strengthen your teeth and gums, prevent gingivitis and bad breath and even heal bleeding gums.

*In its pure, unrefined form, hemp oil should be stored in dark containers and be refrigerated due to its short shelf life.

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