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What Hemp Products Do I Use and Recommend

It’s Ask a Question Wednesday and today is all about what hemp products I use. I get a lot of emails asking where I buy certain hemp products from and while I try to do reviews and recommendations here on HempInformer, it’s a slow process doing a

Where is the Best Place to Buy Hemp Seeds?

Since I’ve started including hemp seeds into my diet, I’ve sampled hemp seeds and hemp hearts from a variety of retailers. However, since it’s Ask a Question Wednesday,I thought I’d answer a question that gets asked in the comments section and on our Facebook page often enough

Are Hemp Seeds Safe for Kids?

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday and I hope you guys are excited because starting this week, Wednesdays I will be answering your questions. These are questions that have been either emailed to me or asked in the comment section of other article. Today, I thought I’d take some