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Hemp versus Cotton: The Facts

Hemp versus Cotton: Cotton is obviously the clear winner, right? Cotton has been an industrial giant for thousands of years and has been a major source of material for cloth and fabric materials throughout recorded human history, and possibly beyond. With the introduction of the cotton gin

10 Common Misconceptions About Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is increasingly becoming widely accepted and known for its benefits but there are still many common misconceptions about industrial hemp so today I thought we’d cover the top 10 I’ve heard. So if you’re still confused on the whole hemp vs. marjuana controversy, hopefully this

What are the Differences Between Industrial Hemp and Marijuana?

There are still many people who just don’t understand the differences between industrial hemp and marijuana. Many people just consider them to be the same thing and without the right education and information getting out there, it’s going to be difficult to get laws passed to allow

It’s Hemp History Week

Every day, more people are discovering the benefits of including hemp in their daily lives. There are thousands of products that are made with hemp including health food, auto parts, body care products, clothing, and building materials. Thomas Jefferson once said, “Hemp is of the greatest importance

History of Hemp

While you may just now be hearing about hemp due to its increased popularity for health benefits, hemp has actually been in use since ancient times and has a rich and interesting history. In fact, hemp was the first known plant to be domestically cultivated and is