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Hemp Lotion: Natural Hydration and Healing

Hemp lotion is made from pure natural hemp seed oil along with antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E to give skin nourishment and hydration. Because hemp lotion has anti-inflammatory properties, it is wonderful for natural healing of the skin as well. For those who suffer from

Hemp versus Cotton: The Facts

Hemp versus Cotton: Cotton is obviously the clear winner, right? Cotton has been an industrial giant for thousands of years and has been a major source of material for cloth and fabric materials throughout recorded human history, and possibly beyond. With the introduction of the cotton gin

What Hemp Products Do I Use and Recommend

It’s Ask a Question Wednesday and today is all about what hemp products I use. I get a lot of emails asking where I buy certain hemp products from and while I try to do reviews and recommendations here on HempInformer, it’s a slow process doing a

Where is the Best Place to Buy Hemp Seeds?

Since I’ve started including hemp seeds into my diet, I’ve sampled hemp seeds and hemp hearts from a variety of retailers. However, since it’s Ask a Question Wednesday,I thought I’d answer a question that gets asked in the comments section and on our Facebook page often enough

Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

If you’re already eating hemp seeds on a regular basis, you may want to consider adding hemp protein powder to your diet as well. Hemp protein powder comes from grinding the hemp seeds into a fine powder and can be used just like any other protein powder

What Can Industrial Hemp Be Used For?

I write a lot about industrial hemp products like hemp hearts, hemp seeds, hemp oil, etc. It probably seems like I am pretty infatuated with eating hemp seeds…and that’s probably true. As much as I love to eat hemp, industrial hemp can be used for so many

Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Lotion Review

Not long ago I purchased a skin care bundle from Hippie Butter which comes with hemp seed massage and bath oil, 2 hemp seed bar soaps and a bottle of hemp seed lotion. I promise, I will be reviewing all three products, but today I’m starting with

Hempz Coconut and Watermelon Nourishing Herbal Body Wash Review

When it comes to body washes, my priorities tend to be towards how well it moisturizes and how good it smells and the Hempz Coconut and Watermelon Nourishing Herbal Body Wash did not disappoint. It is enriched with pure hemp seed oil as well as other natural ingredients such

Epic Blend Hemp Lip Balm Review (Coconut)

If you’ve been searching for a hemp based lip balm, look no further. A few months ago I received a little relief for my lips with Epic Blend’s hemp coconut lip balm. This tiny tube of awesomeness is made from organic hemp seed oil and has kept my