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My name is Misty and welcome to HempInformer.com! So who am I? I’m just a mom and wife who cares about making sure my family is living a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for the world we live in. No, I’m not a doctor. You can come to me with a stubbed toe and I might be able to bandage you up, but that’s where my medical expertise ends. What I do have is experience and the drive to research anything and everything that I make a part of my life.

I’ve been interested in the benefits of industrial hemp for quite some time and have had the opportunity to learn many wonderful things about this amazing plant. I’ve experienced first-hand the medical and health benefits of it as well.

I started HempInformer.com to help inform others about the benefits of hemp from a nutritional and health aspect as well as spread awareness about the major environmental benefits of using it over other materials. So many people don’t understand what industrial hemp is. Even the government made a boneheaded move back in the 30’s and lumped it together with marijuana even though it has no drug value whatsoever. Of course, many are working hard to change that.

Hemp is a part of my daily life. I eat it every day, my kids and husband eat it every day, I use it in my bath products and even wear clothes made from hemp fabric. My hope is that by putting information out there, more people can claim this same thing very soon.

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Thanks for stopping by HempInformer.com