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Pros: High quality product with incredible nutrition, freshness sealed and reputable.
Cons: Hard to find locally except in specialty health food stores.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp HeartsHemp hearts are available through a variety of retailers and one of the most common retailers you will run across is Manitoba Harvest. They currently offer two types of hemp hearts: natural and organic.

Hemp hearts are the what you have left after shelling a hemp seed and are filled with some of the best nutrition you can get from nature. In fact in just one serving of hemp hearts, you gain 10g of protein plus it’s a great way to add the perfect ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 EFAs. Hemp hearts are the most nutritious seed you can eat and actually contain more protein and omega’s and less carbs than the same serving size of Chia or Flax. It’s the perfect super-food!

You can eat hemp hearts straight out of the bag or put them in salads, on your toast or sprinkle in your oatmeal or yogurt. You can literally put these little seeds into practically any dish. These hemp hearts are also non-GMO project certified.

The great thing about hemp hearts is they don’t have to be mixed into foods if you like to eat seeds with a mild nutty flavor. I have often times simply grabbed a spoonful or two straight of the bag and eaten it as a snack.


Manitoba Harvest is an excellent brand with a fantastic reputation for their freshness. Freshness is important because all seeds will go rancid over time and if you are eating them for the nutritional value, you want to ensure freshness. Manitoba Harvest helps you ensure that you are getting fresh when they print the packaged date on the back of the bag. I find that to be a really cool feature from them and gives me peace of mind over the freshness of my hemp hearts. Be sure to close the bag and store in your refrigerator after opening.


I have tried a variety of different brands of hemp seeds and one of the things that keeps me buying Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds is the price. So far, they have been the most affordable brand, however, I did notice in local stores the price is a few dollars more expensive so I do recommend buying online especially if you get free shipping.

Where to Buy Hemp Hearts

There are two places I purchase hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest. Typically I buy from Amazon, simply because I am a prime member so I get free shipping. However, I also buy directly from the Manitoba Harvest website, especially for larger orders due to free shipping.

Update: All month long during June (2014) you can get 20% off any product you order from the Manitoba Harvest website.(click here for the coupon code)


I will probably always be a customer of Manitoba Harvest.  Their products are fantastic and their pricing is incredible competitive.